Thursday, 24 March 2016


B took the lesson today because Sensei was away and it was tough going, as it always is with her. She has no concept of a warm-up - complaint A - and a real arrogant streak that comes out when put in charge - complaint B. What I dislike most is her authoritarian attitude to exercise: she demands a heck of a lot, but she is far from the fittest of us and I suspect wouldn't be able to keep up with the routines she dreams up if she had to do them. I think it's poor form for a teacher to demand of students something that she wouldn't be able to do herself.

On the other hand, J and D both came back to the club after long absences, coincidentally on the same night. So in that respect it was like old times and was a good evening overall. I just wish B would have a more mature attitude as a teacher.

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