Thursday, 8 October 2015


Today was divided in two. Some very tough and rigorous punching and maegeri practice. Then running through all the kata from kinon to heian yondan. It's fascinating to watch white belts and red belts attempting yondan, but it's one of the reasons I like the club - it's about doing karate, irrespective of belts and what kyu you are.

A is without question the best at kata. She has a very clean, graceful and accurate technique. It's good to watch. I think I'm somewhere around the middle. Not bad (I have no problem memorising the movements) but lacking grace. It's hard to learn that, however.

I found myself for the first time gossiping about somebody else in the changing room afterwards. Nothing major, but I was disappointed in myself for doing that - it's not the ethos of the club. I won't do it again. Another thing I was disappointed by was that for some reason my press ups were pretty poor. I can normally do 50 good ones (part of my daily routine), and push towards 60, but for some reason I found myself petering out around 45 when told to do 50. I wonder if that's due to lack of sleep - I only got 10 hours total the last two nights.

I'm going to start going on Saturdays as well as Tuesday and Thursday again. Need to work off my incipient beer belly.

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