Friday, 26 February 2016


Half of the class was devoted primarily to tough exercise, the other half to kumite. It's interesting seeing how much us 'old hands' have improved. I can remember the first time we practiced kumite techniques; the change in power, speed and accuracy since then is rather impressive. Sensei used me for several techniques and I was reminded once again of how accurate and effective his punches are - two years ago he cracked a rib when punching me and today, demonstrating exactly the same technique he was back then, he hit me in precisely the same spot. That isn't an accident. (No cracked ribs this time. It's true what they say - the fitter you are the less frequently you get injured.)

I did, however, manage to do something to my second toe (index tow?) on my left foot when sparring with P. I only noticed after the class that I had lost all feeling in it, and it was sort of skewed to the left. It still looks wrong. If it was dislocated or broken presumably it would be a lot more painful, so I'm ignoring it for the time being, but I can feel that there is definitely something odd about it as I walk around.

Getting a good punch in on the counter is a great feeling. There is something immensely satisfying about putting your fist into an opponent's midriff as he comes hurtling towards you. This is one of many reasons for preferring bare-fisted sparring.

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