Thursday, 7 January 2016

05/01/2015 and 07/01/2015

Fresh start to the year and two very contrasting sessions. The first session back was brutally hard (must have done at least 200 push ups during the course of the session, and Sensei has come up with a new method of torture: three punches, down into three push-ups, then up for another three punches....repeat times a billion). I definitely felt stronger for having the break, though. I think I'm right in saying I was the strongest/fittest performer.

The second session was still rigorous but much more of a 'karate' session - repeated practice of shuto uke and maegeri, and then numerous runs-through of the first four heian kata. About 45 minutes in there was a power failure at the gym, so we spent the last 15 minutes doing heian shodan over and over again in the darkness with our white dogis glowing slightly. Fun times.

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