Thursday, 17 September 2015


Today was mostly focused on kata. We did the warm up and then went through some basics (new students in class) - kazamatsuki, maegeri, mawashigeri, oitsuki. Then the new students were taken off by B to do some fun self defence while Sensei took us through Kihon kata. He was annoyed with us for lack of effort initially (60 press ups punishment) but we soon got into it. He stopped us after a couple of goes to explain how to perform a kata really well. He said that you need to picture yourself on a battle field already surrounded by opponents. If you imagine opponents popping up out of nowhere your kata has a sense of surprise about it. If you imagine yourself already surrounded by opponents, it's more fluid.

After 30 minutes of that we finished off on Heian Yondan. I really like that kata, but nowhere near mastering it.

Other observations:

-My kazamatsuki is really snappy and powerful now. Feels good.
-Sensei's view of mawashigeri is there's only one use for it - breaking the floating rib. Other uses should be avoided.
-Tensing the stomach, arse and shoulders at the point of kime is important when punching.
-I have been inadvertantly doing my maegeri slightly wrong. Need to focus on the kick flowing from the foot being on the floor right through to the point of impact.
-I'm a bit frustrated with my lack of progress on kicking in general. I'm not sure if it's a problem of flexibility or strength or coordination... Or perhaps everything.